Thursday, September 22, 2016

Open Comment Post. Sept 22, 2016.

Whats on your mind?

What has my attention.  Something weird is going on in the Black community.  I told you several months ago that the Black community was "gettable" by Trump...I told you that Obama was not as loved "by the rank and file" as he is by the elite...and now we have the police shootings that are leading to eruptions of violence.

Have you connected the dots?  In Baltimore you had a Black mayor and black chief.  Same in Charlotte.

My guess is that you're seeing a revolt against the "Black leadership" that is being disguised as unrest due to police shootings.  Terrible fact?  More police shootings occurred during the 80's and 90's than today.  The difference?  The economy was MUCH better.  Fast forward to today and what happened.  A Black president ignored the TREMENDOUS loss in personal wealth that happened to all racial groups but hit Blacks much harder and he instead focused on his pet projects instead of fixing the economy.

Trump can win this election.  Things are lining up where if he doesn't win Black voters then they'll sit home instead of coming out for Hillary.  Besides.  If anyone remembers Hillary and Bill's games during that election fight then they'll know that they're some of the most outrageous race baiters this side of the KKK.

Trump as president.  It sounded outrageous in July, but today?  I think its within the realm of possibilities.  

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