Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Open Comment Post. Sept 28, 2016

Ultra Heavy Landing Craft.  Remember when Amos and HQMC was selling us the bullshit that we would have to launch from over 200 miles out?  Remember Greenert not getting the memo (and maintaining his integrity) by saying that's wrong and that the Navy would rollback enemy defenses so that we could launch from traditional distances?

Fast forward to today.

The ACV will have 14 vehicles delivered to the Marine Corps by two manufacturers and THEN they will be tested for ANOTHER year and a half before they make a decision?

Leadership is full of shit.  The ACV won't survive the study being conducted now and all hope that Neller will pull the Marine Corps out of its tailspin has been lost.

Mark my words.  The next big fight will see momma's of America crying buckets.

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