Monday, September 26, 2016

Quote of the day and a warning to Marine Corps leadership.

CoffeeJoeJava made the following comment.
I have a bad feeling that the Marine Corps, when the first big fight happens, will cease to exist. Like LtGen Krulak stated in his book( I paraphrase)
The Untied States does not need a Marine Corps, we have an Army that can do everything we can do, a Navy that has fighter jets, and an Air Force that can dominate the air. The Marine Corps ONLY exists because the United States WANTS a Marine Corps. When we squander the ideals that make the Marine Corps great, we lose the American public, and we lose our beloved Corps.
Literally, when the Corps is called back into action and they cannot do what is asked, we will have lost every reason we have to exist. Making us back into the old Defense Battalions of WWII era is a fast way to speed that along.
I would hope that the powers that be are considering this when they make decisions, but from everything you read, they are not.
The Commandant needs a picture of Krulak and Puller on his wall and needs to justify decisions he makes against those men.
That statement by CJJ is so spot on.

In the circles I run in the Marine Corps has already lost its biggest boosters.  You won't hear it talked about but no one is recommending military service to young men of worth anymore.  If you think a scumbag might, maybe get straightened out then yeah, but someone you believe has a future?  Hell no.

But I digress.  The Marine Corps is making itself irrelevant.  Its making itself useless when it comes to defending the nation.  That comment was a warning to leadership, but I have no confidence that they're listening...and no one serving has the guts to say that the head shed is fucked beyond recognition.

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