Friday, September 02, 2016

Royal Marines attempt to plug a glaring hole...they've had no TRAP capability!

via IHS Janes.
Senior UK Royal Marine officers are pushing for the country's two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers to be provided with their own personnel and equipment recovery capability when they enter service later this decade.
Such a force would be "trained and equipped to recover downed aircrew and recover or deny highly classified equipment", according to a briefing on the joint personnel recovery capability prepared by a staff officer in the Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade in July, which has been seen by IHS Jane's .
RAF Squadron Leader Phil Skinner, who co-ordinates air support within 3 Commando Brigade's headquarters in Plymouth, revealed that the Royal Marines have already set up a Personnel Recovery Co-ordination Cell (PRCC) in the brigade as a result of last year's Strategic Defence and Security Review.
Just plain wow.

Quite honestly I thought the Royal Marines already had this capability.  The idea that they're just now creating it makes ya wonder.  What were they thinking? How did they let this slip?

What I find even more curious is that they're only seeking to recover personnel and sensitive/classified equipment.  They're not even looking at doing aircraft recovery.

For a top notch force this is just unsat.

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