Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Russia could invade Europe within 48 hours and win...

via Independent.uk
A former NATO chief has warned Europe could be at the mercy of an imminent attack from Russia with no defence plans to repel an invasion.

General Sir Richard Barrons claimed Russia could deploy warplanes, ships and troops on European soil within 48 hours if it desired, with NATO some months away from an effective counter-strike.
The former chief of Joint Forces Command warned that the failure of countries such as France, Germany and Italy to take the threat of Russian aggression seriously could lead to a loss of land, sea and airspace.

Countries bordering the country, led by president Vladimir Putin, are concerned about the threat from their neighbour, not a priority for southern and central states.

The majority of the EU bloc is focussed on the heightened terror threat and migration crisis gripping the continent.
I'm glad someone is finally shouting my hymn, even if its a retired NATO Chief with no skin in the game anymore.

The problem?  There are several.  First, the US is so focused on the "forward deployment" scheme that they don't realize how fraudulent it is.  When the US reforms the Rapid Deployment Force and when they stop doing all these show pony exercises and do a new "REFORGER" type skill test then you'll know the military leadership is serious about Russia.

Second, our European allies are only playing lip service to this so called threat.  When they start investing serious money in building up their forces then we'll know they're being serious.

But the reality is much different.

Russia could invade and pick off maybe one or two small countries but they'll never be a threat to old Europe.  All the former Soviet Block nations with the exception of Poland are doing their job.  They're being used as a buffer zone to protect old Europe.

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