Monday, September 19, 2016

Tannerite used in the New York bombing.

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

via AP
Residue from an explosive compound found at the scene of an explosion in a New York City neighborhood is unregulated and routinely used for target practice with exploding targets.
The compound, known by the brand name Tannerite, is sold in sporting goods stores. It is not regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives because it is sold as a mix of two chemicals that when kept separate are inert.
ATF has previously issued advisories about Tannerite and what it describes as "binary exploding targets." The compound is typically used to mark a shot from a high-velocity rifle round with a small cloud of smoke.

The explosive compounds are generally made up of an oxidizer such as ammonium nitrate and aluminum or another metal-based powder and only become an explosive when combined. The ATF said someone would only need an explosives license to handle the material if it is combined and they are using it commercially.

In a safety notice issued last year, the ATF said users of the compound should not use more of the explosive mixture than recommended by the manufacturer or use multiple packages of the compounds to make a single target.
The ATF also advised that once mixed, the compounds are "high explosives."
The gun rights community better wrap its head around two of which is about to be solved for us.

The first is that we should have been out front getting Tannerite regulated.  How many old barns and trucks getting ripped apart by people "having fun" does it take for the community to realize that shit can be easily weaponized?

Doesn't matter now because the ATF, Congress and the Mothers of America are about to do it for us.

The second issue are the open carry zealots.  The next tragedy will involve an open carrier walking into a store with his weapon and going jihad on the shoppers.

We need to get ahead of that predictable tragedy and ostracize those that insist on carrying their firearms in such a way as to alarm the undecided.  Besides.  Open carry is tactically stupid unless you're in a war zone or a police officer.

To end this I'll leave you with these words.  I told ya so about Tannerite.  Let's hope I'm not right about open carry.

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