Friday, September 23, 2016

They just released one of the Charlotte videos. This is why police are hated.

Wow.  You guys hash this out among yourselves.  I'm not even gonna reply to your comments on this because I don't care what you think.  Seeing this video its easy to understand why the police are viewed as oppressors, revenue generators and generally evil.

To shoot a man down in front of his wife?  To have total control of a vehicle with 4 fellow officers and others arriving but to default to shooting?

This simply looks bad.

Then the news media shows what appears to be police planting evidence AND removing evidence!

Sidenote:  I'm hearing many people say that black people hate white.  Why is that a surprise?  Many white people hate blacks so why shouldn't you hate someone that hates you?  This thing is off the rails.  A woman filmed her husband being shot by cops but there is no sympathy for her.  Amazing.

Note 1:  This is the last I'll write about social issues on this blog.  I'm starting an invitation only setup where open and frake discussions will take place.  So no worries.  You won't read about this stuff anymore on these pages....the social setup is going up as we speak.

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