Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This is our response to North Korea nuclear tests?

Have you heard the term "image over substance"?  A quick and dirty illustration of it can be seen at rifle ranges.  There is always some guy that has sparkling gear...the latest, trendiest thing going...and when its his turn on the line he shoots fast, does all the cool boy trash like turning his head from side and side and other nonsense...and didn't hit his target once.

Fast forward to this display.  Two B-1 bombers?  Four F-16's flying in escort?That's our response to the N. Korea nuke tests?

We should have saved the gas.  What I can't figure out is who they think they're impressing.  N. Korean leadership?  I bet they don't give a rats ass about that fly over.  The American public?  Those that follow military affairs know how feeble this is. So who is the audience?

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