Sunday, September 18, 2016

USAF F-35A's. Combat ready in July, grounded in Sept.

via Breaking Defense.
The US Air Force and Norway announced the temporary suspension of flight operations for 15 F-35As today because of “peeling and crumbling insulation in avionics cooling lines inside the fuel tanks.”
The problem, caused by a supplier, was discovered during depot modification of an F-35A and affects a total of 57 aircraft, 42 of them still on the production line.
This would be funny if we weren't talking about the airplane that the West is counting on to form the backbone of its defense for the next 3 or 4 decades.

Some IDIOTS are applauding and saying that the maintenance crews are to be applauded for catching this.  Ok, but then Lockheed Martin and the Program Office deserve a hearty "what the fuck" for such sloppy overwatch.

One rogue supplier and 57 aircraft go down in one swoop?  Shoddy materials that were not to spec?

Yeah.  This program is the walking dead.  The fanboys just refuse to see the truth.  The reality is simple.  The USAF declared the F-35 combat ready in July and grounded them in Sept.

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