Friday, September 23, 2016

V-247? How many more toys does the Wing get to have?

via Breaking Defense.
Bell Helicopter confirmed Thursday what the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps, Lt. Gen. Jon “Dog” Davis, told Breaking Defense a month ago. The company is designing a new tiltrotor drone about the size of the Air Force’s armed MQ-9 Reaper, with similar capabilities, that it hopes the Marines will buy. They call it the V-247 Vigilant, so named because Bell promises that two of the sea-based drones could provide Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) over a given area 24/7.
“Some people call it the 24/7 instead of the 247,” said Vince Tobin, Bell vice president for advanced vertical lift development, formally unveiling the project at a National Press Club news conference. Tobin said it was uncertain when the Marines might put money in their budget for such an aircraft, but one of the questions they’ve been asking Bell, he said, is ‘How fast can you go?” Based on that. he said, “We interpret that as potentially for there to be a near-term need.” Bell, he added, is “already talking to potential suppliers.”
The V-247 is designed to meet the as-yet general Marine Corps requirement known as MUX, an acronym within an acronym standing for Marine Air Ground Task Force Multimission Unmanned Expeditionary. Under MUX, the Marines want their own ship-based, armed ISR drone so they won’t have to depend on land-based Air Force MQ-9 Reapers to support their operations.
Ya know this is turning from comedy to tragedy.  How is Davis still in his job? Why hasn't he been fired for loss of confidence! 

The Wing is in shit state, can barely handle the aircraft that they have, are jumping thru hoops to get the F-35 aboard (along with that totally bullshit IOC announcement that tarnished Dunford's rep for honesty) and have maintenance issues that are getting people killed.

Now they want ANOTHER new airplane.

So let me get this straight.  The CH-53K will be eating up money, the MV-22 will still gobble because its readiness rate is jacked up but the buy is coming to an end, by 2023 the F-35 buy is suppose to be in full effect and on top of all of that they want to add the V-247?

I might be wrong but I still believe that Tanks is about to die, Artillery is about to get sliced and I doubt that the ACV progresses....but we're about to buy more toys for the Wing?

Consider this a personal note to the Commandant.

You better know what the fuck you're doing cowboy.  You're totally unbalancing the Marine Corps and jacking with the MAGTF on a theory that some think tank bubba pulled out of his ass.   If they're wrong they just go back to the rear conference room and come up with something new.  If you're wrong then Marines will die.

Neller you son of a bitch, we're all cheering for you but you need to explain yourself and the direction you're taking us.  Right now it seems like Davis has you by the balls and you're scared to make a decision.  Explain your plan to the tribe.  We might disagree but at least we'll understand your thinking.  Right now you seem like a spineless leader getting pushed around by a subordinate.

Everyone tells me you're better than that.  I hope they're right.  If they are then man the fuck up and talk to us!

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