Tuesday, October 11, 2016

About the Houthis supposedly firing on our ship...

I'm sure you all have heard about the Houthis firing anti-ship missiles at our vessels.

I can't get excited because the story is changing and I personally think we're getting a messaging campaign instead of the truth.

Remember when this first came out?  First we heard that the missiles fell short and crashed into the sea.  Next we heard that they were simply RPGs or some other type of rocket and they were never really a threat.

Now we hear that the ships were actually fighting for survival and they expended 3(?) missiles against threatening incoming anti-ship missiles?

I'm not a ship guy but that don't sound right.

I was always told (maybe it's bro science) that for every incoming anti-ship missile the defending ship would fire two anti-missile missiles.  The Houthis fired two missiles.  By bro science they should have had at least 4 missiles in the air and if I was running the ship I'd have at least 6, if not more in order to safeguard my ship.

From my chair this don't sound right.  I stand ready to be corrected but my bullshit meter is spiking on this.

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