Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Army Chief sees units cutoff/surrounded, fighting for their very survival against numerically superior forces...MadMax goes Infantry...

via Breaking Defense.
With units in constant motion far from friendly forces, “being surrounded will become the norm,” continues Milley. There will no clear front line, no secure supply lines, no big bases like Bagram or Camp Victory with chow halls, air-conditioning, and showers. With enemy drones and sensors constantly on the hunt for targets, there won’t even be time for four hours’ unbroken sleep. So, says Milley, “being seriously miserable every single minute of every day will have to become a way of life.”
Milley has warned before that “we are on the cusp of a fundamental change in thecharacter of ground warfare,.” (The nature of war remains eternally brutal and chaotic). But yesterday at the Association of the US Army’s annual Eisenhower Luncheon, the notoriously blunt general laid out his vision of future combat in more and grimmer detail than I’d ever heard — detail that suggests he’s informed by an intensifying program of secret wargames.
Milley envisions the Army destroying enemy sensors, air defenses, and land-based anti-ship missiles to open paths for the rest of the joint force. “Land-based forces now are going to have to penetrate denied areas to facilitate air and naval forces,” Milley said. “This is exact opposite of what we have done for the last 70 years, where air and naval forces have enabled ground forces.”
Soldiers will fight with everything from rifles and tanks to electronic jammers, computer viruses, and long-range missiles striking targets on the land, in the air, and even at sea. “The Army — yes, the Army — we’re going to sink ships,” Milley said, “(and) dominate the airspace above our units from enemy air and missile attack.”

The vision that he's laying out is...chilling.  He is seeing a future where our air and sea power is essentially stalemated and that it will take Army Combined Arms Teams to switch from being the "follow on assault force" to being the enabler for the rest of the joint force.

If that isn't eye opening enough he sees a time when his soldiers will be hookin and jabbin on the end of a string.  On this point he's anything but clear but he talks about days on end of two hour sleep days while engaging in high intensity combat?  Even if these guys are pumped with the best roids known to man and are receiving IV injections of meth on a daily its going to be a totally ineffective force within 2 weeks certainly and possibly even less (I had crazy BN commander that liked to run "3 day" high intensity training where no one got any sleep and you stretched two MREs to last the exercise but that was goofy stupid...combat for a week on two hours sleep with iffy resupply and medivac?).

Questions that need to be asked.

1.  Who are these secret simulations being run against?
2.  What are the assumptions being made?
3.  The implication is that our enemies have effectively caught up to our air and sea power?  Is this just Army propaganda or do they have evidence to back this up?
4.  What are the casualty figures for this type of campaign?  How many units will be effectively wiped out in this type of combat?

If one of you guys have access to Army archives where this is discussed then send me a couple of the war college papers.  I MUST LEARN MORE!

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