Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chaos and food lines in Venezuela. Tragedy next door.

The pics above are from Enrique262 Tumblr Page.  He mostly covers armor and other military subjects on his page, but he also tells the story of what's going on inside Venezuela.

You want to know where your next migration issue will come from?  Yeah Venezuela.

I don't know what Southern Command is doing.  I don't know if they're monitoring the situation and have offered assistance but its been rejected or not.  The same applies to USAID (they're a bunch of useless fucks...that organization is a waste of taxpayer money).

The issue is simple though.  They're standing in lines miles long just to get basic food items.  If we don't help them in their country then they'll be heading to ours.  This is one time when targeted foreign assistance is a smart thing.

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