Friday, October 28, 2016

Does the FBI announcement have anything to do with the Oregon standoff verdict?

Many people don't realize it but the "rule of law" is only possible with the consent of the people.  When the people begin to think that the law is being improperly applied and if enough of them (doesn't have to be close to a majority, just enough to strain law enforcement resources) choose not to follow commonly agreed upon standards of behavior then anarchy comes.

Which leads me to this.

Did the FBI announcement that they were looking into more "Hillary e-mails" have anything to do with the Oregon standoff?

I know it doesn't sound connected but hear me out.  The FBI must have been shocked at that verdict.  The FBI Director and the Justice Dept was aware of how bad it looked for Bill Clinton to meet with the Attorney General and then for them to lay out the case for prosecution only to reverse themselves and say that it wasn't possible.

Add to that the calls of Trump saying that the election was rigged and you suddenly have a massive loss of confidence in the Federal legal system and our form of justice.

Then the verdict in a slam dunk case and I'm sure it was understood that MANY Americans viewed Federal Law Enforcement in general and the FBI in particular as suspect.

So read between the lines of my ramblings and tell me if I'm right.  Did the announcement have anything to do with the Oregon standoff verdict?

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