Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Medieval Warfare. Polish Winged Hussars

Major Hat Tip to Pinturasdeguerra Tumblr Page

Wow.  Winged Hussars?  I looked at this post several times and finally Googled it because I thought it was just some type of fan fiction that the Medieval Warfare guys sometimes push.  You know the type...Knights in gleaming armor fighting giants or 6 knights holding off 2000 fighters at the gates of Jerusalem.  But no.  These crazy Polish bastards actually attached wings to their armor and played beserker in combat.

I've always dismissed Medieval Warfare as being uninteresting and overly romanticized.  Maybe I need to take a second look.  This shit is fascinating!

Oh and for those that still doubt, below is a piece of armor that is displayed in a Polish museum (don't ask me which one) showing how it looked in real life.

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