Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mega Cities. The US Army, USMC and SOCOM all seem to want that fight...

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via Intercept.
The video is nothing if not an instant dystopian classic: melancholy music, an ominous voiceover, and cascading images of sprawling slums and urban conflict. “Megacities are complex systems where people and structures are compressed together in ways that defy both our understanding of city planning and military doctrine,” says a disembodied voice. “These are the future breeding grounds, incubators, and launching pads for adversaries and hybrid threats.”
The video was used as part of an “Advanced Special Operations Combating Terrorism” course offered at JSOU earlier this year, for a lesson on “The Emerging Terrorism Threat.” JSOU is operated by U.S. Special Operations Command, the umbrella organization for America’s most elite troops. JSOU describes itself as geared toward preparing special operations forces “to shape the future strategic environment by providing specialized joint professional military education, developing SOF specific undergraduate and graduate level academic programs and by fostering special operations research.”

They're looking at a Meat Grinder.

A hint for the think tank boys and the theorists in the Pentagon.  This future already exists.  You go into a mega city anywhere in the developing world you're gonna see this.  Additionally you have to ask the question.  Why would anyone plan on dropping men into such a chaotic situation?  It is a classic no win.

Doesn't anyone remember Somalia?  That was a rather small operation and it turned into chaos.  Do the same in a mega city and you'd have battalions disappearing right before your eyes never to be seen again and maybe...if you're lucky...maybe you get the chance to recover remains.

Its beyond time for the military to come to grips with reality.  Some missions are just beyond its ability to execute.  History teaches us lessons but we refuse to learn.

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