Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Navy Corpsmen are now called "Medics"


I've been monitoring the mess with the Navy rating system and how everyone and their mother except the SecNav is pissed with the changes.

Quite honestly I didn't give a fuck.  The SecNav screwed the Marine Corps so hard and got so little resistance (and in the case of the traitorous bastards inhabiting USNI Blog...the fuckers over there know who I'm referring to and that includes certain writers AND their enablers in the staff) that I found it nothing but right that the Navy got their turn bent over Mabus' desk getting ass fucked into submission.

But I should have known better.

No tradition is safe.

Corpsmen.  Those special Sailors (that are really Marines but walked into the wrong recruiting office) that would run thru hell itself to help a wounded man don't get to keep their legacy intact.

Now they're called that lower form of creature (don't get me wrong...they're cool, just not as cool) known as Medics.

I weep for the US military.

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