Thursday, October 20, 2016

Open Comment Post. Debate Talk. Oct 20, 2016.

I'm sitting here in awe.  Trump could so easily have won the election if he had stuck to the issues of illegal immigration, bad trade deals, jobs, offshoring by corporations etc...

Unfortunately that was beyond his capabilities.  He forgot that this wasn't about him but IS about the people.  He made this a "Me" instead of "We" election.

As expected the mainstream media played up the irrelevant and we have a criminal about to win the Presidency (not the first time either....just the most obvious).

The never Trump people on these pages (I know who you are no matter how much you deny it) and the Republican Party should worry though.  Something evil is about to be unleashed.  If Trump was bad then how much worse will the next person be?  Do you think that Rubio, Cruz or Bush have a chance to win the nomination in the Republican party four years from now?  We're gonna see another Trump but this time it'll be a smarter version, more calculating, less arrogant (publicly) and willing to play the media game.

They won and Trump made it easy, but in the end they will lose....we will all lose.

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