Monday, October 10, 2016

Open Comment Post. Oct 10, 2016. Post debate talk...

Trump did as Trump does.

Instead of spending just 2 fucking minutes studying the issues and putting forth a few (not deep detail...just a broad outline) ideas of things that matter to the American people.  I'm talking Immigration, these trade deals that are FUCKED BEYOND RECOGNITION, jobs, idiotic foreign wars and security at home (to include the over reach of the Federal Govt into the private lives of the people), he instead climbed in the swamp pit with that harpy called Hillary.

The sad thing.

We're seeing "establishment" Republicans and Democrats line up against him.  They're trying to shape this as a contest between those who "know" and the unwashed masses.

It's not.

This is a battle between the elite and the common folks.

What has me stumped is the ignorance of the so called educated class.  I'm talking about the college educated, middle management people that are so politically correct that they're moving in Hillary's direction.

They fail to realize that the next big wave of offshoring will affect them directly.  When that hits (and they'll pass TPP in the lame duck session) is when you're gonna see this nation pop.  They see what's happening to the rest of the country but since they haven't suffered the effects yet they're willing to play the game.

Side note:  Workers that build the CH-53K in Conn took a PAY CUT in order to keep the manufacturing plant there.  We supposedly have 5% unemployment and yet there isn't enough wage pressure to force Sikorsky/Lockheed to increase the salaries of high tech workers?

Long story short.  The elite on both sides will celebrate defeating Trump, but they're missing the real issue.  What comes after Trump will be smarter, more media savy and more disciplined.  What comes after Trump will probably be more radical.l

They think they dodged a bullet with Trump?  Bullshit!  They primed a bomb!

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