Saturday, October 08, 2016

Open Comment Post. Oct 8, 2016. Trump Locker Room Talk Edition...

Hmm.  Today I've been tuning into a bit of MSNBC News and they're all in arms over some "locker room" talk that Trump engaged in on a bus that was captured by some reality talk show.  It was a bad open mike thing but I personally can't get too excited about it.

What has me wondering is that we're seeing the establishment ... and I mean the Republicans and Democrats ... both working overtime to get people excited about this.

The dude made off color remarks more than 10 years ago, the country is in shit state and that's what they're trying to push?

If Hillary wins we deserve the drama that she will bring.  This is pathetic.  If Trump wasn't such an ego maniac he would be winning this thing easily.  The only good thing is that if he wins he'll blow up the system...and that's why I'm rooting for this flawed, jacked up little man.  He's far from perfect but from my seat our only hope at this point.  That's my opinion...what's yours?

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