Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Pics of the HSV-2 after the antiship missile attack!

Thanks to InfoInfantry for the pics!

This is a HUGE deal that the US Navy and Marine Corps is ignoring.  Even military bloggers (the vast majority) are silent on this issue.

Its about concepts and plans boys and girls!  The USMC is pushing alternate transports aboard ships that act as cargo or transport vessels!  They're acting as if those same ships with civilian crews and NO defensive capability will be able to sail in dangerous waters with either a squad or company of Marines and be able to conduct all manner of missions without threat.

This shows the folly of such thinking!

The minute you put Marines aboard those ships they become targets.  You sail them in "supposedly" safe waters off the coast of Africa and parts of the Pacific and every rebel/terrorists with access of anti-ship missiles will be licking their lips ready to take apart one of our ships.

If your thinking is wrong then you must change.  HQMC's thinking is wrong.  The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was in the 1960's and 70's.  You could get away with "alternate" shipping then but not today.

Its time for the Marine Corps tribe to man up and call bullshit bullshit.  Alternate transport is bullshit.  The answer to a more dangerous world is to start floating Reinforced MEUs.

Side note:  Don't look away.  Drink in those pics at the top of the page. It was Australian contractors this time.  Unless we change course it will be Neller writing letters to Mothers of America explaining why their sons died carrying out a flawed concept.

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