Thursday, October 06, 2016

Remember that LAV at Modern Day Marine? Its actually the Armatec Survivability Technology Demonstrator!

Remember the above pic taken at Modern Day Marine?  I was stoked about two things.  The first was the RWiP from Moog and the second was the platform it was mounted on.  I thought it was a radically upgraded LAV from General Dynamics.


It's the Armatec Survivability Technology Demonstrator!

So who are these guys?  Full disclosure.  I thought I kept up with the goings on in the armored vehicle space.  I'm so outside the loop its stunning.  Armatec is a player and they're attached to many ongoing projects, at the forefront of armor development and for those that are actually in the know, one of those key cogs in the survivability game.

Armatec website is here, but information on this tech demonstrator is sparse to non-existent and I was able to crop another view of the vehicle from their opening page banner but you get the idea.

This is a guess but I would imagine that the talk of upgrading Marine Corps LAV is further along than I thought.  This had to be done with that project in mind (and gobbling up Saudi orders for the same...they're a big operator of this vehicle class).  I like it.  I want to know more, but the little birdy that landed in my in-box was rather tight lipped.

Side note:  You remember SAIC's Survivability Upgrade for the AAV?  Armatec worked with them to put together that package.  Yeah.  These people bear watching.

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