Thursday, October 27, 2016

That Mega UAV that Davis wants will do everything the F-35 is suppose to do....

via DOD Buzz.
“It will be a multi-sensor, electronic warfare, C4 bridge, [anti-air warfare] and strike capability at ranges complementary to MV-22 and F-35, giving MAGTF commanders flexible, persistent, and lethal reach,” the document states. “It will provide scalable MAGTF support deploying as detachments or squadrons supporting commanders at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.”
Call it a mega-drone, if you will.
Why does fucking General Davis still have his fucking job?????  I won't even touch on his outrageous comments blaming pilots for the crash of the CH-53Es.  I won't touch on the lack of leadership he's shown and the poor condition of Marine Aviation.

I'll simply point to this.

Read the entire article but this guy is basically saying that he wants another F-35 but this time unmanned.  Think about it.  A uAV that does anti-air, recon and close support missions?

That's what the F-35 was suppose to bring us.

But despite getting his toy, he now tells us that the trainwreck is gonna get bigger because the Wing needs ANOTHER toy to deliver what they've promised.


NOTE:  Everyone is getting caught up in the technological marvel that is being proposed here.  A UAV that will perform combat missions like counter air?  Yeah that's exactly what Davis wants you to focus on.  I'm focusing on the budget.  Marine Air was suppose to be first in line for modernization and after that the Ground side was going to get its just due.  Not anymore.  They're speeding up purchases of the CH-53K, F-35, and they're adding a UAV on top of that.  The decks aren't going to be cleared for the ACV, a new (or improved) MVTR, to get the full allotment of JLTVs etc...The budget trainwreck for the Marine Corps is about to stretch into the 2030's just to get the Wing all of its toys.  The AAV will soldier on till at least 2040 by my estimation.  The ACV program is in jeopardy and follow ons for those vehicles MIGHT hit around 2050.

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