Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UK is sending a Heavy Mech Battle Group to Eastern Europe.

via Wall Street Journal.
The U.K. said it would deploy tanks and drones alongside 800 troops in Eastern Europe, the first of several expected moves by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to help counter growing fears about Russia in the region.
The U.K. troops will deploy next spring and be joined in Estonia by forces from France and Denmark, said Michael Fallon, the British defense secretary said. The force, he said, will likely include tactical drones, Challenger 2 main battle tanks and Warrior armored infantry fighting vehicles.
“That battalion will be defensive in nature, but it will be fully combat-capable,” he said in an interview.
Story here.

Sending a Heavy Mech Battalion is a serious show of force.

I think I'm with the German Foreign Affairs Bubba.  I think we're positioning ourselves so that one mistake, one rogue Battalion Commander with delusions of grandeur (on either side) or one misunderstanding could lead to war in Europe.

When you have so many forces from so many nations operating in close proximity bad stuff always happens.

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