Wednesday, October 12, 2016

US jets painted in Russian colors. A false flag?

Its time to squash this nonsense with a quickness.  I've been getting all kinds of e-mails talking about US jets painted like their Russian counterparts and how this is to do a "false flag" operation in Syria.

This story first appeared on Superstation 95 (never heard of them before) and its gone viral.  Today while looking at my feeds I saw that even Iran's Press TV had picked up the story.

How about using a little common sense people!  First the US has had aggressor squadrons with aircraft painted to represent threat forces for years. Its even done on the ground side at the Army's National Training Center.  Second, how are you gonna do a false flag in Syria?  The radar coverage of that region is INTENSE!  Aircraft are tracked from takeoff to landing to include military airplanes.  Amazingly enough you still have civilian traffic in the area so there is NO WAY it could be pulled off without either the Russians, Syrians, Iranians, Turks or someone that has an axe to grind couldn't detect.

And last but not least there are better ways to do it.  A cruise missile, an information campaign accusing the Russians of bombing a hospital and that lie would be around the world twice before they could properly refute it.

I'm all for conspiracy theories but make them fucking plausible!

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