Thursday, November 24, 2016

Behold the Cockentrice (just plain weird!)

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From the article....
Behold the Cockentrice; a feast for the eyes (if nothing else LOL). This bizarre creation was a popular luxury dish served at opulent medieval banquets. Many people believed that the mythical Cockentrice was a real beast “hatched from a rooster egg that was fertilized by a poisonous serpent, and had the power to turn base metals into gold” (I know… roosters don’t lay eggs either LOL) The cockentrice is edible taxidermy of sorts, and the recipe makes a turducken seem completely logical (turducken= shoving a chicken up the rear-end of a duck, then shoving the duck up the rear of a turkey) Creating a cockentrice requires sewing together a piglet and a capon filled with stuffing, then roasting it/them (the one shown here is raw and still needs to go in the oven). A capon is a rooster that was castrated at a very young age to make its meat more tender, and is sometimes fattened up with force-feeding (in the same way ducks and geese are force-fed to fatten them for the making of foie gras, an expensive pâté made from their livers). The cockentrice is traditionally constructed by sewing the torso of the piglet to the bottom half of the capon,sometimes a turkey is used instead. Alternately the torso of the bird can be sewn to the rump of the piglet, a somewhat less common variation. So… the next time you need to “wow” your dinner guests, here is the gold standard. And now you have some interesting (and perhaps unappetizing) trivia to bring up over dinner tomorrow #YouAreWelcome – Eat up and have a happy Thanksgiving
Wow.  Franken-food lives...back in the day they sewed animals together and roasted them and today we take animal parts and make a pink goo then form them into hamburger patties for fast food restaurants!  I don't know which is worse.

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