Friday, November 04, 2016

Blast from the past. Did the US have a high orbit manned space station during the Cold War?

via War History Online.
The exact purpose of MOL is still unknown. After the documents were released, many people had questions about it. Some believed that MOL was a laboratory, others thought it was an operational reconnaissance spacecraft, and still others believed it was a bomber. Because the MOL initiative remains a secret, people may never find out the full scope of the project.
This fascinates me and I hope you read the brief article.  I've only gotten snippets of information on this project but I refuse to believe that the US and Soviet Union, both space happy at the time, didn't put nuclear weapons platforms into orbit.

For all we know we still might have them up there.

I mean seriously think about it.  During the height of the Cold War the US or Soviet Union could effectively knock out each others land based missiles if they launched a first strike.

Wouldn't it make sense for a backup to exist that was more survivable than subs and guarantee a decapitation hit on the power centers of the opposing state?

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I find it hard to believe that we haven't already weaponized space.  Which leads me to the X-37.  What is that for exactly?

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