Sunday, November 27, 2016

Canada buys F-18s? Big deal...they still haven't decided....

This is another story that hit while I was gone.  So Canada is going to buy around 18 Super Hornets.  Big fucking deal.  The reality is that they still haven't chosen a direction with the F-35, they're still contributing to the program and Lockheed Martin appears to have the Candaian govt scared shitless.

The Prime Minister ran on the idea that he would "get Canada out" and he's failed to deliver.

This means nothing as far as the F-35 is concerned.  The action is and always has been with the USAF and USMC.  If both entities are determined to buy airplanes that will be too expensive to upgrade and if the civilian leadership of the pentagon is more concerned with maternity uniforms than our ability to maintain air superiority then the program will continue.

The Air Force developed a scheme to make the program unkillable.  The USMC participated in the fraud and went one step further by altering its battle winning combined arms formations to accommodate the plane.

The corruption is ingrained into the very fabric of the defense establishment and a penny packet buy of Super Hornets changes nothing.

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