Friday, November 25, 2016

China seizea Singapore Terrex 2 coming from Taiwan

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Singapore has confirmed that nine armored personnel carriers seized in Hong Kong belong to its army for use in overseas training.
In a statement, Singapore’s defense ministry said it has been providing assistance to Hong Kong customs and expects the shipment to be returned to the country expeditiously, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.
Hong Kong’s Customs and Excise Department seized several shipping containers fromy  Kaohsiung, Taiwan, after inspection showed that they contained nine Terrex AV-81 personnel carriers, which were classified as “strategic commodities” and did not have the necessary permits.
The vehicles, along with several firearms, were found inside 12 containers covered with blue and grey tarpaulins at the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals during a routine inspection on Wednesday.
It was the first time in decades that Hong Kong discovered such a shipment, the report said.
At first customs officials suspected the arms were being shipped by some smuggling syndicate, but further investigation showed that they belonged to Singapore.
Many are excited by this news but its a nothing burger.  You have to understand China to get it though.  China has a huge smuggling problem.  Everything from luxury cars to Ak-47s, laptops and even medicine is being smuggled out of that country.  Its a downside of tremendous industrial production, a new middle class, a growing wealth class coupled with the  Asian black market that has existed for centuries.

The vehicles will be released, Hong Kong will apologize, Singapore will say no big deal and life will go on.

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