Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Chinese Red Arrow-10 Anti-Tank Missile?

The above pics are from Chinese Military Review (more here).  It shows what they call the Red Arrow-10 Anti-Tank Missile.  Why is this interesting?  Because it bears a striking resemblance to an old US Army project that was abandoned, the EFOGM.

The Army was hot and bothered about being "mobile" (I think they get the bug every 10 or so years) and they had a "Rapid Force Projection Initiative" setup that would build what they're trying to reinvent today.  A powerful medium
and light infantry force that could fight above its weight and win against numerically superior/technologically equal forces.  The EFOGM was suppose to be HUMVEE mounted and able to kill enemy tanks at 15km and even engage low flying helicopters.

So what does this have to do with the Chinese model?  It gives a bit of insight into how they're viewing the future battlefield.  This Red Arrow-10 is suppose to have a range of 10km and can defeat tanks and low flying helicopters.

Did you also note that the weapons carrier is a fully tracked vehicle and that it carries eight ready to fire missiles?  Sorry but I'm gonna beat the drum again.  The Chinese are gearing up for a long distance heavy mech fight and we're going light with distributed Expeditionary Squads. Whoever is right will win the war.  The side that is wrong will fill body bags.

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