Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald Trump won.. So what the gym is still open!

Why the above vid?

Because I can't believe the freakouts that we're seeing over the election.  I do wonder what would have happened if Hillary had won (I still believe a few people were prepared to go "operational"...not many but four or five nationwide for sure) but that's neither here nor there.  Trump won, we've survived bad presidents before and we'll survive him (if he turns out to be the third Obama term).

Anyway, I found the guy funny.  Rants are like that.  People are venting, expressing a little frustration and if you take the time to look at it in a certain way, its comical as fuck but he made some good points.  95% of things don't affect you and yours...unless you let in and ALLOW it to affect you and yours.

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