Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gun rights group takes aim at possible Patraeus appointment to SecState.

via Gun Owners of America Newsletter.
Dear Solomon:

Anti-gun activist David Petraeus is under consideration for the position of Secretary of State in the Trump administration.

Although Petraeus seldom speaks publicly on domestic issues, he hates guns so much that he teamed up with anti-gun leader Mark Kelly and his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, to co-found the Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, an anti-gun organization devoted to "do[ing] more to prevent gun tragedies" by "urging lawmakers to toughen gun laws."

Not surprisingly, the Leftist media is elated that a gun-hater like Petraeus might be awarded the top Cabinet post by Trump.This is true even though Petraeus, in November 2012, resigned as CIA Director and pleaded guilty to leaking classified information to a biographer with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

But Petraeus' "Clinton-like" disregard for American security is the least of his problems.

As Secretary of State, Petraeus would play a key role in deciding whether to remove the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN ATT). This agreement would mandate gun registration, and would authorize comprehensive gun bans -- all goals supported by Petraeus' colleagues Kelly and Giffords.

Petraeus would effectively decide whether to push for ratification of the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.
Finally, Petraeus would have jurisdiction over the international trade (ITAR) regulations. Under Clinton/Kerry "guidance," these regulations have been expanded to outlaw gunsmithing. In addition, a gun technician who communicates "how-to" information about guns on the Internet (without purchasing a $2,250 State Department license) could be prosecuted and imprisoned.

You can read GOA's comments against these anti-gun State Department regulations here.
If anti-gun Patraeus is nominated and confirmed, we can expect these policies to be continued and expanded.

Donald Trump was elected with the broad support of members of the Second Amendment community. We believe it would be a huge mistake to begin his transition by putting an anti-gun activist in a position whether he could regulate and ban guns.
Stick a fork in Patraeus.

I don't know if he was ever a serious candidate for this position but the long knives are out and if he looks like he's getting any closer to winning then the Gun Owners of America will activate and squash him like a bug.

No one is talking about it but the gun rights community came out hard in support of Trump.  They stuck when others wavered and went all in on him. Trump isn't crazy.  He can piss off or disappoint certain parts of his base without running into trouble.

Making an anti-gun Patraeus SecState would be seen as a betrayal.  For a calculating General Officer, he seriously miscalculated how his support of anti-gun groups/legislation would affect his political future...at least in the short run.  Maybe he gets a second look in a future Dem administration but for anything of importance now?  He damaged goods.

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