Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Iraq refurbish French AMX-10Ps!

pics via bmashina Tumblr Page.

French infantry fighting vehicles AMX-10P old Iraqi army that was taken from the “graveyard” technique on the basis of Taji and renovated in Basra at the plant of the state company Ibn Majid.

Interesting.  The AMX-10Ps were always an old favorite of mine.  If I recall correctly (and I could easily be wrong) they were the tracked version of the AMX-10 and were better armored but had the general appearance of the M-113.

I'd love to get details on what they did to upgrade them to ISIS war standards but confidence is high that they simply added armor and little else.  Pity.  It sounds like the Iraqis could have a formidable force just by refurbing and upgrading a few vehicles they have in storage.

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