Tuesday, November 15, 2016

M-346 arrive in Poland.

Thanks to Galvars for the pics!

Ya know when you look at NATO interoperability I think they should focus not be on high end items like operating the F-35 but on the bits and pieces that make the things work.  Standard air weapons across the board, standard rifle caliber and finally an agreed to doctrine on how they will fight.

If an attempt to standardize on "everyone operating the same gear" is the goal then they should start low and eventually work high with the idea that local industry will be protected because NO ONE wants to harm their defense base.

With all that being said I'd love to see the M-346 be adopted as the NATO training and light strike/air defense airplane.  Everyone could operate it, everyone could afford upgrades to it and everyone could afford to maintain several squadrons.

Planners made the mistake of aiming for the stars instead of doing what was actually possible.

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