Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Protolab PMPV 6x6 is the first amphibious MRAP?

Thanks to Jokuvaan for the link!

We've talked about Finnish Protolab before and I simply dismissed it as a late entry into the MRAP category.  I don't know why but we're seeing more and more vehicles like this and it was hard to get excited about the design....until now.

How did I miss the propellers on the back?  Is this the first amphibious MRAP? I went to the Protolab website and its pretty bare bones but they could make a killing if they tried to sell this truck to law enforcement in the US (if the price is right) especially the Southern US.

Consider this.  How much easier would it be to sell the public on equipping Police with MRAPs if they could also tout REAL rescue capability because they could easily do high water rescue?

Does anyone know of another MRAP that is amphibious or is this the first?

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