Wednesday, November 02, 2016

RAW: Footage of Russian aircraft carrier battle group

Thanks to Jeff for the link!

I don't quite get it but everyone is pumped about the Russians sending a carrier to the Middle East.  My view is that they're falling into the same trap that we did...they're getting deeper and deeper into the quagmire when once they had a very limited footprint in the region.

As far as the carrier ops themselves?  Again I'm really not impressed.  Not bashing but ski jumps are rather low grade.  The US Navy still has the most complete carrier setup on the planet.  Even with degraded capabilities (self imposed) they are still the standard to beat.

MIG-29K's launching without stores?  A rather small air wing?  The only really impressive part is the SU-33 (I believe that's the plane).

Regardless.  Much luck to the Russians.  There is no moderate terrorists.

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