Saturday, November 05, 2016

Remember the AVX Aircraft Concept?

Do you remember the AVX Aircraft Concept?  I wonder if they're still around and if anyone at the Pentagon is taking a serious look at their work?  The reason why I ask is because you know the Chinese will if we don't.  Do you recall the video from the Chinese air show and the armored vehicle demonstration?  If you do then take a careful look at the small MRAP that they displayed.  I made a big deal about them shamefully and obviously copying the F-35 in the design of the J-31.  What I failed to mention is that they did the same with Force Protection Cheetah.

My concern is this.  We might toss this away in favor of tilt rotors and wake up to skies filled with AVX's concept.  If they deliver half of what's promised in the video then we're looking at a relatively cheap, high performance lifter that we turned down.

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