Sunday, November 20, 2016

Royal Navy screwed. No ship based anti-ship missiles after 2018.

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via Telegraph
Royal Navy warships will be left without anti-ship missiles and be forced to rely on naval guns because of cost-cutting, the Ministry of Defence has admitted.
The Navy’s Harpoon missiles will retire from the fleet’s frigates and destroyers in 2018 without a replacement, while there will also be a two year gap without helicopter-launched anti-shipping missiles.
Naval sources said the decision was “like Nelson deciding to get rid of his cannons and go back to muskets” and one senior former officer said warships would "no longer be able to go toe-to-toe with the Chinese or Russians".
You do know what this really means don't you?  It means that the Royal Navy will be totally dependent on the F-35 in an anti-ship role.  If the RN has to do a Falklands 2 it will be close call.  I'm not sure they will be able to pull it off.  It also explains how the F-35 continues to live.  It isn't about us as much as it is the Brits.  We COULD make due if necessary.  The Brits entire plan for naval warfare is wrapped up in the plane.

The Admiralty screwed up bad.

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