Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Russian army to get new motorized, high-speed rifle squads

via UPI
The Russian Defense Ministry is to form special mobile squads based on motorized troops, the Izvestiya newspaper has reported.
The military wants new squads that will be capable of slipping through enemy defenses on light armored vehicles and strike from the rear and flanks. These will be formed of numerically small groups of saboteurs, which will appear in the Southern and Central military districts in the coming years.
The new military units are also expected to feature special anti-tank and artillery battalions.
"The creation of new mobile units is associated with the emergence of new types of war," Ivan Konovalov, head of the sector of military policy and economy of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, told RBTH. "These units will be used not only to carry out sabotage, but also to fight guerrillas or rebels and suppress insurgencies."

Ok, so now the Russians are about to use some type of "Expeditionary Squad".  I can see it for sabateour work but losses will be high after the initial surprise wears off.  Additionally they're talking about fighting terrorists but that threat has morphed to where they're almost nation state type armies.

What am I missing?  I notice that they're talking about the Southern District in Russia so could it be that they're aiming to fight a particular enemy?  I'm not sure.

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