Monday, November 28, 2016

Terrorists in the Philippines seize town, raise ISIS flag...

Thanks to DWI for the link!

via ABSCBN News.
MANILA - The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) pushed into Butig, Lanao Del Sur on Sunday, a day after the Maute Group, a terror organization behind the September bombing in Davao City, occupied Butig's town center.
Military SF-260 trainer aircrafts were seen dropping 150-pound bombs over the town center, where Maute fighters have occupied the municipal hall, national high school and mosque.
Story and vid here.

No one has been paying attention to it but the Philippines is the new Special Operations Olympics for US forces.  The whole band is operating there from Special Forces, MARSOC, Navy Seals...the only people that you find little to no footprint there are the Rangers and USAF Special Tactics folks...but you can bet that they're getting in on the act too.

The bad news?

This insurgency has been raging for years and will last at least a couple more decades. I don't believe the Philippine military is equipped or trained to adequately deal with this threat

The worse news?

Despite all common sense we insist on participating.

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