Thursday, November 17, 2016

US Army weak, US Navy/Marine Corps marginal...

via Military Times
The Heritage Foundation's nearly 400-page report assessed the military’s capability, capacity and readiness. It called the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy “marginal,” a term it also applied to U.S. nuclear capabilities. The Army, it said, has grown “weak.”

Wood said the service branches don’t have enough troops or training. “If you have a small force, and you had to go do something, that force has to be able to do that,” he said. If more funding is made available, “tactical competency is the first order of business.”
Woods has a great reputation but I wonder about this report.  The Heritage Foundation is another one of those Think Tanks that has its claws sunk deep into the Marine Corps but is also sponsored by defense corporations and hasn't seen a weapon system it doesn't like.

They're part of the problem in my view.  The Marine Corps has switched from having a doctrine and adopting equipment to fit that doctrine, to having equipment and adopting its doctrine to fit its equipment (I said that badly but I hope you get my meaning).

If you're wondering that's ass backwards.  No time now but I'll post a link to the full Heritage report later today.

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