Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vid of Russian missile launches against targets in Syria.

Thanks to Robert for the link!

What you see above is some released video of missile firing by the Russians in Syria.  My prediction?  The fighting in that country is going to be over in a matter of months...probably before summer.  Notice that I didn't say that Syria would reclaim its old borders.  That won't happen but the terrorists will be defeated.

The funny thing?  The Russians have picked up the fighting, the Iraqis seem to be faltering in their assault on Mosul (just a few weeks ago they said that they would recapture the city in a couple of weeks...you don't hear that talk anymore) and US policy is caught between a newly elected president and the current one heading out the door.

For better or worse this is the moment of greatest opportunity for Russia/Syria/Iran, a time for Turkey to cement territorial gains at the border (they can give up any thought of remaining inside Iraq though) and a time of intense danger for Saudi Arabia.

2016 sucked in the Middle East.  2017 will be worse.

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