Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Argentina set to reform/rebuild its military.

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In addition to training, Argentina wants to strengthen its airspace control on the borders with Bolivia and Paraguay where there are more illegal flights with drugs or smuggling. Martínez's plan includes the commissioning of two 3 D radars that the state company INVAP handed over to Defense. The 3 D's are for military use only. One is already in operation and the other two have been delivered but are still and “packed” in their boxes.
Formosa Governor Gildo Insfrán has failed to build the civil work to place one of the radars in the town of Pipané, Martínez explained. He discussed the issue recently with Insfrán as to who should have taken over the works. In the end, the Defense Ministry will build a base there and another in Corrientes to add to the radars already in operation in the so-called Operativo Escudo Norte (Operation North Shield), to control most of the airspace in the area.
Martinez was enthusiastic last week because he had managed to get the current radars to operate between 6 to 12 hours a day and thus identify more illegal air traffic, but with no aircraft to intercept them.
For the Air Force, four medium-sized transport airplanes will also be purchased to reinforce the work of the three Hercules that were in operation and are the main logistical resource of the Antarctic campaign today. The Italian-built Spartan or the C-295 are the models under scrutiny because they can carry loads or transport paratroopers with systems “more versatile” than those of the Hercules. The Air Force lost 72 aircraft during the 1982 Malvinas War and almost 100 during the Kirchner years due to lack of spare parts.
For the Navy, the Government plans to buy four multipurpose ocean patrol boats. The idea is to buy two finished and another two that will arm in Tandanor to take hand Of local work. In turn, the Army is expected to buy between 10 and 30 troop transport armored vehicles that can be used within UN peacekeeping deployments.
Another project under consideration is an agreement with the Italian factory Beretta to co-produce a combat rifle, which replaces the 7.62mm caliber FAL caliber.
Interesting.  Seems like mismanagement of their forces hit the Argies harder than the war with the UK.  I find that astonishing.  Also did you notice the claim that the C-295 is more versatile than the Hercules?  Is that true?

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