Friday, December 16, 2016

China holds its first live-fire drills with aircraft carrier

pics via China Defense Blog (more here)

The Chinese are testing the resolve of the incoming President and giving the middle finger to the outgoing one.  Consider this...

1.  China just devalued their dollar.  That means that cheap Chinese good are gonna be even cheaper.  They're daring Trump to do something about it.

2.  That incident with the stolen underwater drone was probably more intense than we're being told.  Around 2009 the Chinese played the same games with this same ship.  The difference?  Last time they sent a mini-task force of 5 military ships and a fishing trawler to harass them.  The retaliation was to send the ship back out with an escort.  Considering how the Chinese behave we should have all unarmed aircraft/ships escorted by Burke class destroyers.

3.  Then the pics above.  They just conducted their first live fire drill with their aircraft carrier.

Its time to stop kneeling in front of the Chinese and pleasuring them.  They are the real threat to our nation's survival, not the Russians.

We need to seriously get our stance with them sorted out (cooperation is not respected...we're talking about Asia...only strength is respected).  We also need to prepare for a major fight.  If you spend 5 minutes on Chinese websites you'll realize that even the average citizen of that country wants a war with the US.  We need to get ready.

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