Friday, December 09, 2016

Czech Defense Ministry buying more Pandur II's.

via Defense News.
The Czech Ministry of Defence is planning to acquire new radars, 20 Pandur armored personnel carriers (APC) and Nexter Titus six-wheel drive armored vehicles for the country ’s military, according to Deputy Defence Minister Pavel Beran.

The latest announcement comes as the Czech Republic is intensifying efforts to raise its military expenditure from 1.08 percent of its gross domestic product this year to 1.4 percent by 2020, and 2 percent by 2025.
Everyone looks at the small forces of the former Soviet Union and think that they're incapable.  Those that think that are wrong.  What I didn't realize though is that they're also somewhat innovative.  Do you know that the Czech's were one of the first forces to adopt a large caliber RWS for their APC/IFVs?  They've been using that 30mm mount for awhile now and appear quite happy with its performance.

While continuing to buy Pandurs is somewhat mystifying to me (are they getting a great deal on them?) they seem quite pleased with the vehicle and all indication point to it being very effective in Afghanistan.

It all doesn't matter though.  The uparming of Europe continues.  The only question is if its being done the right way.

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