Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do we have any national (American) heroes left?

Above you see John Glenn's Mig Mad Marine F-86 that he flew in combat over Korea.  I was thinking about his passing and it left me with the question.  Do we have any widely acclaimed national heroes left in America?  Have they all passed away?

The last war that was truly a national effort and had the full backing of the public was WW2.  In my way of thinking, those that followed were either never fully explained as to why we were fighting them or they were so badly managed that support fell away.  So while those in the military or have an association might be able to readily point to those that should always be remembered I wonder about the general public.

We see the Presidential Medal of Freedom but in my opinion its a joke.  You're gonna award the nation's highest civilian award to a singer, entertainer or other type of celebrity?

The question remains.  With the passing of John Glenn do we have any widely acclaimed national heroes left?

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