Friday, December 30, 2016

Household Cavalry Regiment on Ex Iron Scout 3 on Salisbury Plain.

Pictured is a C Sqn Household Cavalry Regiment Scimitar Vehicle at night during Exercise IRON SCOUT 3...The Household Cavalry Regiment is an Armoured Cavalry regiment equipped with CVR(T) recognisance vehicles (soon to receive the new AJAX vehicle) that allow the Regiment to project forward large distances and provide the forward recognisance for 1 (Armoured) Brigade. 

The Scimitar armoured fighting vehicle's exceptionally low ground pressure and small size make it useful where the terrain is hostile and movement is difficult. 

Scimitar carries a 30mm Rarden cannon for self-defence. It is used by reconnaissance regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps and 'recce' elements of the armoured infantry.

Wow.  I thought the Brits had retired all these vehicles.  The funny thing? This would make an ideal Airborne Fire Support Vehicle if it just had a bigger gun...considering that there is an anti-tank version maybe if both versions were bought it could get the job done.

I wonder why the 82nd never considered borrowing a few for some experiments.

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