Saturday, December 03, 2016

Interesting theory about the "Trump Taiwan Issue" by Medal Honor Winner Colonel (ret) Jack Jacobs.

Heard an interesting theory on the Trump Taiwan issue by Colonel Jacobs today on MSNBC.  The good Colonel pointed out that China has been bullying its neighbors, manipulating its currency and defying international treaties.

He also recalled Trump's rhetoric about China during the campaign.

Of course the usual suspects on both the left and right are rolling out the meme that Trump "doesn't understand" (I so despise the fuck does anyone know what he does or doesn't understand...even worse that shit has caught on with the general public!), doesn't know the diplomatic framework and is disrespecting a rising power.

Jacobs thinks that this is the first shot across China's bow by the Trump administration.  He thinks this wasn't a mistake and was designed to let the Chinese know that there is a new way of thinking about them in Washington.

I hope so.

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