Saturday, December 03, 2016

Kim Jong Un Tells Troops 'Wipe Out South Korea'

via International Business Times
Kim Jong Un instructed North Korean troops to "wipe out South Korea" in the latest sign of aggression from North Korea's supreme leader. Kim's remarks came during a military border exercise this week as the United Nations Security Council adopted sanctions targeting Pyongyang's coal exports.
"This is how we must forcefully respond to those South Koreans. At first strike we must completely break the will of those South Koreans and wipe them all out," Kim said according state-controlled television network KCTV.
Kim spoke directly to a marine brigade and a frontline unit that has been tasked with fighting Seoul. The drills included the rapid firing of artillery and Kim was briefed on their training plan, UPI reported Friday.
Ya know what the good news is?  The good news is that we can expect little statements by the little madman in N. Korea on an almost quarterly basis.

The bad news is that you can feel the Neo-Con (both Republicans and Democrats) are almost hoping that N. Korea does something stupid to test Trump's administration.

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