Thursday, December 08, 2016

Marine officer who was dismissed while trying to protect Marines wins law suit.

Thanks to James for the link!

via Stars and Stripes.
A federal judge has tossed out a Marine Corps decision to remove an officer from the service after he sent classified information through an unclassified email server while warning colleagues in Afghanistan about the security threat posed by a police chief whose teenage servant later killed three Marines.
U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Bianco ruled Tuesday that the decision against Maj. Jason Brezler will be vacated because the Department of the Navy, which oversees the Marine Corps, "violated its own discovery rule" by failing to provide Brezler with all documents relevant to his case before an administrative hearing.
Bianco's ruling, first reported Tuesday evening by the independent Marine Corps Times, took no position on whether Brezler, whose case became a cause celebre among some members of Congress, generals and veterans, faced retaliation from the Navy Department after his story first appeared in the media in August 2013. Instead, the judge found that the Navy's mistakes "clearly prevented Major Brezler from fully and fairly litigating his retaliation claims," while also potentially depriving senior military officials reviewing his case from "critical information."
I remember this story.  I also remember hearing about his winning yesterday but it took James to give the kick in the ass to write about it.

Consider this.

At one time in the Marine Corps this "infraction" would have resulted in a chewing out and a pat on the back from Brezler's senior.


Today some stupid bastard that calls himself a Marine demanded that this man be "crushed".

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